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Stripes Condenser Mic
  • Stripes Condenser Mic

    Perfect for picking up midrange tones. Electric guitar comes to life with this mic. It has a very "up-front" sound that will be instantly recognizable to your audience. The transients are also very "snappy" making this screen a great choice for percussive playing.


    • The go-to screen for exciting midrange recordings.
    • Great for electric guitar and amped sources.
    • "Up-front" recognizable tone.
    • Great choice for polishing percussive sounds.
    • Includes: sturdy drawer box, two Ohma1.21 mm guitar picks, microphone clip.


    The Ohma Condenser features our signature capsule (“The Debby”) and a vintage Cinemag transformer for extra character. It has an edge-terminated construction and a switchable -20db for added versatility, delivering a timeless sound with detail and clarity.

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