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The finest recording gear, designed and assembled by hand in the USA.

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VT-series microphone preamplifiers have long been the go-to weapon of choice as an ultra-high fidelity mic pre during tracking, but is is also an essential part of the entire workflow for many artists, engineers, producers, and other audio professionals. Any microphone and any sound will benefit from the improved clarity, definition, and lack of solid-state artifacts that D. W. Fearn products bring to your session.  More info...



The VT-4 and VT-5 tube equalizers will change the way you think of EQ. It’s smooth and sweet, and can be very subtle at mild settings, but quite strong with aggressive use of the controls. Creative use of the low boost and cut will create a powerful bass that has to be heard to be believed. The high boost adds just the right brightness to vocals, guitars — any sound, or even an entire mix. Even with extreme settings, a VT-4 or VT-5 will never sound harsh.


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The VT-7 compressor has an all Class-A vacuum tube audio path, like all D. W. Fearn products. The gain reduction elements utilize circuitry that duplicates the sound and characteristics of the finest classic vacuum tube compressors, without depending on tubes that are no longer manufactured. The control circuitry is modern solid-state analog.


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