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Stripes Ribbon Mic
  • Stripes Ribbon Mic

    Perfect for picking up midrange tones. Electric guitar comes to life with this mic. It has a very "up-front" sound that will be instantly recognizable to your audience. The transients are also very "snappy" making this screen a great choice for percussive playing.


    • The go-to screen for exciting midrange recordings.
    • Great for electric guitar and amped sources.
    • "Up-front" recognizable tone.
    • Great choice for polishing percussive sounds.
    • Includes: sturdy drawer box, two Ohma1.21 mm guitar picks, microphone clip.


    The Ohma Ribbon combines classic ribbon mic characteristics with added clarity and definition, providing smooth, and forgiving transients without sacrificing detail. It requires +48v phantom power and is compatible with all types of recording setups.

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